Our Founder

Fred Cordova is a native Californian entrepreneur and real estate investor dedicated to enhancing the livability, workability and pursuit of the American Dream in his community. Raised in a multicultural family, Fred is the seventh of twelve children. He finds inspiration for his continued success from daily mindful and purposeful living and the unwavering support of family, friends, and counselors who freely share their thoughts, time and talent to make the world a better place. When Fred reached out a helping hand and a room in his home to a colleague and friend who fell on hard times, he was compelled to create a pathway for people who needed bridge housing to gain access to a community support network. In 2018, Fred founded Home 4 Today Foundation to help people in the LA area who are in need of short-term safe place to live and a chance to get back on their feet so they can become self sufficient and find permanent affordable housing. With the goal of scaling the program nationwide, the Home 4 Today Foundation platform will create a support system of likeminded citizens who are committed to sharing their abundance and their homes, life experience, guidance and encouragement to neighbors in need.

Our Mission

Home 4 Today Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that closes the gap within the traditional transitional housing model, specifically assisting those with short-term housing challenges. We connect neighbors with neighbors; families, empty nesters and other gracious homeowners who offer a room in their home and act as a lifeline for guests to achieve independence and stability. Home 4 Today creates an efficient, personalized alternative to transitional housing programs for those in need, strengthening communities and bolstering civic engagement. Our organization allows homeowners throughout Los Angeles County to play a pivotal role in improving the life outcomes for the temporarily homeless in their community.

The Challenge

Home 4 Today Foundation is mobilizing a community-centered response by facilitating supportive relationships with compassionate homeowners in Los Angeles. Our host families provide transitional shared housing that creates a stepping stone for neighbors who are experiencing temporary hardship. Good people across America are suffering from housing instability due to job disruption, misfortune, health challenges, financial distress, domestic turmoil, and other unforeseen circumstances. Given the enormity of the housing shortage in California and a slow growth rate in new construction, Home 4 Today's vision is to alleviate the isolation and uncertainty of household disruption and empower every member of the Los Angeles community to realize the opportunity for a better future.