Transitional “Home Sharing” Program

The purpose of the Home 4 Today Foundation is to facilitate the implementation of a home sharing platform that connects pre- qualified, temporarily housing challenged, or displaced individuals and families (“Guests”) with homeowners (“Hosts”) to meet short-term housing needs. In partnership with community-based agencies, we seek to engage guests with homelessness prevention, case management, employment and stabilization services. Home 4 Today intends to explore a roadmap to unlock existing housing inventory of spare rooms in Los Angeles and create access to a network of community support services that build resilience, self- sufficiency and minimize isolation. Guests may include senior citizens, people of all ages with disabilities, working professionals, students, individuals waiting to secure affordable housing, single parents, or those who are temporarily unemployed, recovering from an injury, or have reduced income because of a loss of full-time work. Individuals and families experiencing temporary hardship as the result of underemployment, job relocation, and foreclosure benefit from a bridge housing program that offers a safe place to stay during a transitional period toward self-sufficiency.

The Home 4 Today Foundation seeks to act as a coalition for home sharing in Los Angeles County by aligning social services agencies, nonprofit organizations and other community stakeholders to develop a coordinated entry system for home sharing and leverage for public and private funding to the program via the Home 4 Today Foundation charitable giving vehicle. The platform will function as a bridge for homelessness prevention services by providing a stepping stone for individuals and families in transition. Development and strategic planning efforts, in partnership with community agencies, will target a geographic area with a high demand for both Hosts and Guests as well as demographic characteristics ideally suited for home sharing arrangements. The Foundation will provide advocacy on the benefits of home sharing and develop community engagement strategies to foster increased homeowner participation, coordinate with participating agencies, and raise funds for operational development.