What is Home Sharing?

The National Shared Housing Resource Center defines “home sharing” as a program that enables two or more unrelated people to share housing for their mutual benefit. A person offers a private bedroom and shared common area in exchange for rent, or in some instances, help around the house, or through another arrangement. Home 4 Today Foundation’s charitable giving fund, in partnership with Players Philanthropy Fund, will provide reasonable compensation and donated home goods (up to $1,000 / Mo) to Hosts in order to accommodate their Guest and minimize out-of-pocket expense.

How does Home Sharing Work?

  • Home 4 Today Foundation will provide a Host and Guest Registry on the H4TF website.

  • H4TF will coordinate and partner with social services agencies (“SSA’s”) to build out and manage the Host and Guest Registry.

  • The SSA’s will sponsor the Guest and screen Guest applications.

  • The SSA will match a Host with a Guest with the help of a home sharing coordinator, or case manager (“Case Manager”), who qualifies that a home-seeking individual or family is the right fit for a shared arrangement and for whom a temporary home sharing arrangement will be beneficial to achieving long-term stability.

  • Host & Guest qualifications include, but are not limited to, absence of a criminal conviction, income level, employment status and/or history, school enrollment, history of any substance abuse, physical or mental health treatment, sound character references, house-mate compatibility and common living preferences.

  • SSA will conduct home visits to verify that the Host is offering safe living conditions, accessibility to necessary facilities and a private bedroom for their Guest.

  • Qualified Guests and Hosts who are matched will engage in introductions facilitated by the Case Manager to ensure comfortability and compatibility.

  • Once a match has been accepted by the Host and Guest, the parties will enter into a home sharing agreement (“Boarder Agreement”).

  • -The Boarder Agreement includes disclosure policies, releases and liability waivers to mitigate legal risk for both parties, and SSA’s and outlines terms, expectations and responsibilities of the Hosts and Guests and consequences for violations. It may be modified by the parties subject to the approval of the SSA Case Manager.